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Grout Cleaning & Restoration

Our Grout Cleaning and Restoration service offers an innovative and effective way to seal ceramic and porcelain tile grout.

Grout comes in 3 basic types – Sand Based, Non-Sanded, and Epoxy grout.
While epoxy grout will not absorb stains, Sanded & Non-Sanded grouts are extremely porous and absorb dirt and stains quite readily.

Standard Impregnators and Sealers will make grout resistant to staining in cafeterias, washrooms, vestibules and entrance ways, etc., but the grout will still absorb some degree of staining.

Our Grout Restoration & Colorant/Sealer will maintain both the appearance of grout, by minimizing the penetration of stains into the grout joints and make grout joints more cleanable, making the use of harsh chemicals unnecessary.

An epoxy grout colorant/sealer may be used for renewing or even changing the colour of grout that has become discolored and stained over time.

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