Polished Concrete Floors

A Highly Durable, Clean Modern Concrete Floor Finish

Concrete has grown in popularity as a Decorative Hard Surface medium for both home and office because it will truly stand the test of time.

Polished Concrete Floors and Concrete Counter Tops are found in offices, kitchens, washrooms and many other living spaces.

Valley Stonescapes Inc. offers our clients a complete range of services for concrete polishing or finishing concrete surfaces.

  • Cream or Surface Polishing leaves most of the cream surface intact and yields a shine with a textured look.
  • Salt and Pepper Polishing will yield a high shine with a speckled look, because the small aggregate in the concrete has been exposed.
  • Our Terrazzo finish is done through a process of deep grinding which exposes the beauty of the natural stone aggregate that helps to make up a concrete floor. This unique look is tremendously appealing.

All three services provide long lasting and elegant results. Whether it’s a Concrete Floor or Counter Top that’s in need of restoration, trust the work to Valley Stonescapes Inc.

We can change the way you see concrete! Call us at 250-859-5495.